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Learning that you are pregnant can be an unexpected surprise, even a dreaded shock. But it's not the end of the world for you. Across the world, there are caring groups of people who have helped many like yourself successfully come through situations just like your own. The individuals at Agape Pregnancy Resource Center, is staffed largely by volunteers, to listen to your concerns and help support you through every step of whatever choice you make. Below we have collected several fun and helpful tools, websites, articles and information for you. We hope you will find it useful and share them with others who might use them as well.

unborn memorials

  • The Stephan Project / Quilt of the Unborn Child a memorial quilt dedicated to expressing love and dignity for the millions of children who died by abortion. The quilt will consist of 24-inch squares, with each square honoring one child.
  • Unborn Memorials Online This is the place to give love and honor to those who have been lost before they were born. Whether your child was miscarried, stillborn or aborted, the love you may have for that child will remain forever. Since in most cases, we don't have burials for these little ones to remember them by, an online memorial can be a helpful alternative.
  • A Cry Without A Voice Mothers and fathers honor and remember their aborted children through selecting a pair of baby shoes and attaching a card of commemoration. The project touches people’s hearts and provides a powerful visual of the impact of abortion. It allows women to talk about the deep pain of abortion and the forgiveness and healing of Jesus Christ. It also allows them to give honor and dignity to their babies’ lives.
  • National Memorial for the Unborn dedicated to healing generations of pain associated with the loss of aborted children. The Memorial features a fifty foot granite "Wall of Names" which holds small brass plates with words of remembrance placed by mothers, fathers and other family members from all over the country. The Memorial also includes the original painting "I Will Hold You In Heaven," historical markers, and a Remembrance Garden. The Pool of Tears is dedicated to the memory of children lost to miscarriage. Plates on the "Wall of Names" are for aborted children only.
    Click http://www.memorialfortheunborn.org/honor_child.htm for more information on ordering a brass plate to honor your child. Or call: 800-505-5565

Pregnancy Tickers

FREE personalized pregnancy tickers to count down the days until your due date! Create yours in just a couple minutes, and use them in your email messages, message board posts, on your desktop or on your own web site. It automatically updates every day, so you always know how far you've come, and how much time is left before you meet your little one.

See What Your Future Baby Will Look Like

Using advanced face detection technology, you can get a very good idea what your baby will look like. Upload the two photos and see your baby in seconds!

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Dealing With an Unexpected Pregnancy, or a Past Abortion?

Resources from Focus on the Family

(Scroll down and click on the images below to read these free booklets online. If you'd like to purchase the print version go to the Focus on the Family Online Store.)

Now What Booklet I'm Pregnant, Now What? Eng.
(Vea Folletos en Español Aquí)
Healing the HurtHealing the Hurt (Eng.) Healing the Hurt (Span.)
Now What BookletShe's Pregnant. Now What: For Parents (Eng.)  
Morning After PillThe Morning After Pill (Eng.) The Morning After Pill (Espanol)
First Nine MonthsThe First Nine Months (Eng.) The First Nine Months (Espanol)
Abortion PillThe Abortion Pill (Eng.) La Pildora Abortiva (Espanol)
Permission to GrievePermission to Grieve (Eng.) Libertad para expresar su dolor (Espanol)
Healthy PregnancyHealthy Pregnancy (Eng.) embarazo sano (Espanol)
Choosing the Best for Your BabyChoosing the Best For Your Baby (Eng.) bescogiendo lo mejor para su bebe (Espanol)
When Love WinsWhen Love Wins (English)  
Five ReasonsFive Reasons You Need the "Piece of Paper." Why Living Together Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be. (English)